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Revealed: Promises (7/26/15) Revelation 17-22 Hang on to hope in order to help the hopeless. Inspi(red): Relationships (11/22/15) Matthew 7:1-12 How to maintain healthy relationships. Inspi(red): Influence (10/11/15) Matthew 5:13-20 Our impact is only as deep as our character. You Asked for it: Trinity (5/24/15) 2 Corinthians 13:14The Trinity is not a concept to be explained but a life to be lived. Revealed: Pain (7/12/15) Revelation 5-9 How can I survive great tribulation? Revealed: Powers (7/19/15) Revelation 9-18 Evil is real but it is no rival for God. Revealed: Priorities (7/5/15) Revelation 1, 5, 19 Surviving the future is in a clear vision of Jesus. Love Does: Pray (2/15/15) Philippians 1:9-11 How to pray strategically. Detox: Religion (5/3/15) Mark 8:15 How to survive religious fanatics. Fresh Start: Finances (1/11/15) Matthew 6:19-21 How to achieve financial freedom.
Christmas Movies: Grinch (12/13/15) Ezekiel 36:26 A heart is restored in a community of worship.