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Frozen on Purpose (7/20/14) Mark 10:45 Why are we here? Matrix on Truth (7/14/14) John 8:31-32 What is truth? Easter: Three Chairs (4/20/14) Are you a first-chair christian? Power of One: Day (2/2/14) Hebrews 4:8-10 The importance and power of Sabbath Rest
Paul to the Phoenecians (12/28/14)  What would the Apostle Paul say to the major events of 2014? Power of One: Prayer (1/20/14) Matthew 6:9-13 How to us the Lord’s Prayer to pray strategically. Wisdom: Pride (9/28/14) Proverbs 16:18 The cost of pride and how to overcome it. Xmen on Origins (7/27/14) Geness 1:26 Where did we come from? Captain America on Morality (7/7/14) Eph 6:12 What is “right”? Man-Up: Be Truthful (5/25/14) 2 Timothy 4:1-22 How to be a truthful person. Encounter: Thief on the Cross (4/13/14) Luke 23:32-43 What we learn of faith and forgiveness from the thief. Encounter: Mary (3/16/14) How to pray strategically.