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The Story: The Trials of a King (10/14/12) Chapter 12 How the suffer of David teaching us to manage our own. The Story: The Return Home (12/2/12) Chapter 15 How Israel returned home and how you can too. The Story: The King Who Had It All (10/21/12) Chapter 13 Life lessons from the life of King David. The Story: Creation (8/19/12) Chapter 1 What is the purpose of life? The Story: A Few Good Men and Women (9/23/12) What it takes to be a leader in God’s kingdom. The Story: From Shepherd to King (10/7/12) Chapter 11 The character of David that caused God to give him the throne. The Story: The Battle Begins (9/16/12) Chapter 7 How God can lead you to conquer your own giants. X: Live with Integrity (7/18/12) Exodus 20:15 What it really means to NOT steal. X: Tell the Truth (7/15/12) Exodus 20:16 How to become a person of integrity. X: Honor Your Vows (7/1/12) Exodus 20:14 How to build your marriage. The Story: Jesus’ Ministry Begins (12/30/12) Chapter 23 How Jesus started his ministry. X: Celebrate Life (6/24/12) Exodus 20:13 What it means to honor the sanctity of life. X: Remember the Sabbath (6/10/12) Exodus 20:8-11 How to build your marriage. Unleashed: Fingerprints of God (3/11/12) Acts 17 How God has embedded his identity in creation and culture Unleashed: Conversion of Saul (2/12/12) Acts 9 How the greatest evangelist got started. Unleashed: Conversion of Cornelius (2/19/12) Acts 10 Why is Christianity a universally inclusive religion?