What is your position on capital punishment?
Is there a proper day to take communion?
What do you make of Crossing Over with John Edward?
Do Moses and Paul contradict one another?
What does the Bible really say about divorce?
How do I know God's will for my life?
What was homosexuality like in ancient Rome?
Does the Holy Spirit live in individuals?
What does it mean in John 20:22 that Jesus breathed on them the Holy Spirit?
Is the New World Translation of John 1 right or wrong?
What truth is there in predestination?
What is Preterism?
Is the groaning in Rom 8:26 the same thing as tongues?
How do you decide which speaking engagements to accept and decline?
Can Christians commit suicide?
Is it a sin to get a tattoo?
Why do I experience test anxiety?
What is speaking in tongues?
Should women be in the ministry?

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