Miscellaneous Essays
Background for Reading 1 & 2 Timothy
Boy's to Men
Capital Punishment
Did Jesus Really Raise from the Dead?
Great Commission & Second Coming: Two Views
Hearing the Voice of God
Hell: Biblical Description
Hell: Five Views
Hermeneutical Issues Concerning Women's Roles
Women's Work in the Bible
How to Memorize Scripture
Intertestamental History: An Outline
Life in the Big City: A Sociology of the Biblical World
Matthew 5:17: Jesus Our New Law
Meals of Jesus
Messianic Expectations
Political Elements of the Birth Narratives
Politics of Jesus Outline
Politics of Jesus Essay
Revelation Notes
The Spirit in Luke/Acts
Term Paper Style Sheet
What Can We Know about Speaking in Tongues?
Zwingli on Baptism
Worship Words in the NT
Worship in the book of Acts and Revelation

Life of Christ
Outline of the Life of Christ
A Reading Strategy for the Gospels
The Miracles of John: Enacted Parables of the Kingdom
The Program of Jesus
Messianic Expectations
Table Fellowship in the Gospels
The Ethics of Jesus
The Power of Jesus
Intertestamental History
The Gospels Compared
The Chiastic Structure of John's Prologue
Logos - A Progressive Understanding
Specific Claims That Jesus Is God
Secular political uses of "Gospel"/euangelion
John the Baptist
Children of God
God-Like Characteristics of Jesus
Infancy Narratives Overlap
Catholic Doctrines of Mary
The Socio-Political Elements of the Birth Narratives
More On John the Baptist
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Notes on the Kingdom of God
Theories of Water in John 3:5
John's Testimony of Jesus
The Synagogue (Ezekiel 11:16)
Outline of Jesus' Sermon on Deity and Credentials
Jesus' Logic on the Sabbath
Approaches to the Sermon on the Mount
Six Contrasts in Interpreting the Law
Are We Still Under the Law?
How Did Jesus Fulfill the Law?
Honor and Shame in the Sermon on the Mount
Judge: Krino
Ask and You Shall Receive
Why Believe in the Raising of the Widows Son?
Errors in Demonology Theology
The Sermon in Parables
Characteristics of the Pharisees
Sects of the Jews
Predictions of the Death of Christ
Theology of Humility
Being Childlike: Meditation on Matthew 18:1-5
The Forensic Speech oh John 7-8
Five Views on Hell
Eternal Security Debate
Eternal Security Worksheet
Scriptures on Substitutionary Atonement & Unlimited Atonement
Was Jesus Political?
Fall of Jerusalem
Messiah's, Rebels, Bandits
Parables of Matthew 24-25
Judas Iscariot
Notes on the Nature & Work of the Holy Spirit
The Dating of Jesus' Death
Theology of the Cross
Substitutionary Atonement Arguments
The Historicity of the Resurrection
Facts about Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection
Theology of the Resurrection

Acts of the Apostles
Apostles in Acts
A Brief Synopsis of the Twelve
Notes on the Kingdom of God
Judas Iscariot
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Filling, Indwelling & Baptism of the Spirit
The Passing Away of the Miraculous
The Ministry of the Spirit before the Church
Who Is the Holy Spirit?
The Gift of Tongues
What We Know for Sure about Tongues
A Biblical Study of Baptism
What Is the Christian Church?
Miracles in Acts
Sects of the Jews
Prayer in the Book of Acts
Seven Purposes of Laying On of Hands
Analysis of Stephen's Trial
The Difficulties of Acts 7
A Brief Biography of St. Paul
Cornelius: When Is Being Good Enough Not Good Enough?
Angels in Luke-Acts
An Open Letter on Racism
Antioch on the Orontes
Leaders of the Antioch Church
Why Did John Mark Leave?
The Synagogue
Preaching in the Book of Acts
Acts 13:48 and Appointed to Eternal Life
Zeus & Hermes (Acts 14:12)
Are We Still Under the Law?
How Shall We Handle Acts 15:28-29?
Things That Make You Go "Hmmm" (Acts 16:25-40)
Stoics and Epicureans
1 & 2 Corinthians in Relation to Acts
A Sketch of Ephesus
The Holy Spirit's Relationship to Belief & Baptism
Did Paul Disobey the Holy Spirit?
Characteristics of Authorities?
Paul versus the High Priest
Blameless Character and Appeal to Caesar
Mega Lessons from Acts

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