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1997; 803 pages; $40

This is a commentary on all four gospels chronologically. It blends synoptic texts together so you can see how each author differs in his presentation.

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The Chronological Life of Christ   -     By: Mark E. Moore

1998; 86 pages; $7.50

Originally this was a sermon series that was put into written form. Rather than addressing chronological issues, it seeks to answer the question: What principles does Revelation provide us for living in difficult times. 1998.

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2000, 154 pages; $12.50

This "uncommentary" on Acts is a bit of historical fiction. I pretend to have found the equivalent to Luke's file folder of original sources upon which he based the book of Acts. Someone other than Luke gets to tell each of 52 stories.


2001; 208 pages; $12.50

This work looks at every person Jesus ever met and tries to draw from these encounters principles about how to have a relationship with Jesus. Questions and readings for group discussion are provided for each of the 80 encounters. May 2001.

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2002; 85 pages (each); $7.50 (each)

    Volume 1: The Person of Jesus
    Volume 2: The Power of Jesus
    Volume 3: The Preaching of Jesus
    Volume 4: The Passion of Jesus

This series, co-authored by Jon Weece, preaching minister at Southland Christian Church, is designed for college and adult bible studies. It features discussion questions, explanation of the text, and "homework" assignments to put into practice what was studied. Each book has 13 lessons for an even year in the life of Christ.

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2001; 110 pages; $10

This book, co-authored with Bob Hamm PhD., Professor at Oklahoma State University, is an easy read with powerful implications. It is a guide to developing and maintaining profitable partnerships in business, churches, marriages and education. It is filled with stories of success that illustrate the principles of creating strategic alliances. June 2001.




Seeing God in HD: God's Word in Today's World
2008; 187 pages; $20

This is an eight part guide to interpreting the Bible, originally written for High School students. There are power point lessons which go along with each chapter as well as over 30 college level lectures available from this site under "Resources" then "lectures" then "Principles". 2008.

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 Fanning the Flame: Probing the Issues in Acts
2003; 396 pages; $20

This is a collection of scholarly essays on Acts by a team of scholars from across the United States. Moore is the editor, with three chapters contributed to the work. This is a valuable resource for those serious about delving deeper into some of the more difficult and interesting theological issues in the book of Acts.

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A Humble Defense
2004; 15 chapters, 244 pages

Mark Moore, Ph.D. and Mark Scott, D. Min. teamed up to collect fifteen essays on apologetics as a tribute to the life work of Lynn Gardner, Ed.D. For those interested in preparing themselves to answer the vital questions about the Christian Faith as well as challenges posed against it, this book is a valuable tool. Mark Moore has only one essay in this book; it is a defense of the bodily resurrection of Jesus.

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