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•	Outline of the Life of Christ •	Reading Strategy for the Gospels •	Signs of John •	The Program of Jesus •	Messianic Expectations •	Meals of Jesus •	The Ethics of Jesus •	The Power of Jesus •	Intertestamental History •	The Gospels Compared •	Chiastic Structure of John 1 •	Specific Claims that Jesus is God •	Politics of the Birth Narratives •	Demons •	Leprosy •	Fasting •	Sabbath Regulations •	Sabbath Logic •	Sermon on the Mount: Honor/Shame •	Sermon on the Mount: Honor/Shame •	Judge: krino •	Beatitudes in Ancient Literature •	Sects of the Jews •	Predictions of Jesus’ Death •	Theology of Humility
Jesus Christ
Christian Doctrine
•	Eternal Security Debate •	Prayer •	Hell: Five Views •	Eternal Security Worksheet •	Messiah’s, Rebels, Bandits •	Who is the Holy Spirit •	Theology of the Cross •	Women’s Work in the Bible •	Boys to Men •	Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead •	Hearing God’s Voice •	Women’s Roles: Hermeneutical Views •	The Holy Spirit in Luke/Acts •	How to Memorize Scripture •	How Did Jesus Fulfill the Law? •	Sociology of the Biblical World •	Speaking in Tongues: What We Know--Short •	Worship Words in the New Testament •	Gifts of the Holy Spirit •	Politics of Jesus •	Filling, Indwelling, and Baptism of the Spirit •	Freewill and God’s Sovereignty
Acts of the Apostles
•	Kingdom of God •	Apostles •	Miracles in Acts •	What is the Christian Church •	Seven Purpose of Laying on of Hands •	Samaritans •	St. Paul: A Brief Biography •	Baptism •	Prayer in Acts •	Angels in Luke/Acts •	Leaders of the Antioch Church •	Zwingli on Baptism •	Worship in the Gospels, Acts and Rev •	Preaching in the Book of Acts •	Stoics & Epicureans •	Holy Spirit’s Relation to Belief and Baptism •	Work of the Holy Spirit •	Nature of the Holy Spirit •	Speaking in Tongues: What We Know--Long
Holy Spirit
Jewish Culture